1- Introduction

This document has been created to outline how we operate at Rapid Telecommunications W.L.L. (hereafter referred to as Rapid) and your rights as a customer of ours. This document is subject to revisions from Rapid from time to time as may be deemed necessary by Rapid Management and/or by the TRA. Please note that, if you require it, once a revision is implemented you will be emailed an updated copy of this document.

2- Rapid Contact Details

For all general inquiries or complaints you may contact our Help Desk here:
Number: + 973 69691111
Fax: + 973 69691112
Email: support@rapid-telecom.com
Working hours: 8:30am-5pm
Working days: Sun to Thurs

3- Submitting Feedback

We appreciate and value our customer’s feedback and opinions of us and our services. We encourage you to share your thoughts with us through:
Email: feedback@rapid-telecom.com
Your feedback may be in any shape or form, although kindly provide us sufficient information to work with. Leaving your contact details is not necessary but is preferable in case we would like to follow up on your feedback.

4- Escalations

In cases where we fail to meet your standards and expectations you may escalate the matter to the next level of escalation as per the following table:

Escalation Level 1 Support Desk Number: + 973 69691111
Email: support@rapid-telecom.com
Working hours: 8:30am-5pm
Working days: Sun to Thurs
Escalation Level 2 Account Manager You may request your Account Manager details from our Support Desk.
Working hours: 8:30am-5pm
Working days: Sun-Thu
Escalation Level 3 Abhijeet Samant Number: +973 69691117
Email : a.samant@rapid-telecom.comWorking hours: 8:30am-5pm
Working days: Sun-Thu
Escalation Level 4 Isa AbdulRahim
Email : isa@rapid-telecom.com
Working hours: 8:30am-5pm
Working days: Sun-Thu


Please note that the standard of service you should expect to receive is governed by the particular Service Level Agreement (SLA) you requested as included in your contract. If you would need an improvement on your SLA please note that you should contact your account manager for a proposal.

5- Formal Complaints

You may submit “Formal Complaint” to us through one of the following medians:
Email: complaints@rapid-telecom.com
P.O Box 20385
Once a complaint is received, an acknowledgment will be sent to the customer within 2 working days. The acknowledgment will include a unique reference number which should be used for all future communication by both Rapid Telecom and the customer relating to the complaint.
Customer complaints will be categorized according to the different scenarios set out below and Rapid Telecom provides an estimated resolution time for each of these:


Complaint Category ETR
Billing 5 Working Days
Standard Subscriber Agreements 10 Working Days
Number Portability 2 Working Days
Prices & Tariffs 10 Working Days
Quality of Service 10 Working Days
Fraud or Theft 1 Working Day
Installation 10 Working Days
Other 10 Working Days

Rapid Telecom aims to resolve all complaints within 5 working days, however, this may vary depending on the type of complaint and required time to investigate. Rapid Telecom Customer Service agents will communicate the expected timelines to resolve the raised complaint at the time of acknowledgment, and will follow up communicating any extended timeline on ad hoc basis if that becomes required during the investigation.

6- Complaints on Rapid

In cases where Rapid fails to resolve your issue, you may submit a complaint to the TRA after sixty days from Rapid’s reception and acknowledgment of your “Formal Complaint”

TRA’s contact details:
E-mail: consumer@tra.org.bh
Post: P.O. Box 10353, Manama
Kingdom of Bahrain
Phone: +973 1752 0000
Fax: +973 1753 2523
Call Center: 81188

7- Privacy Policy

Rapid Telecom respects and values privacy and therefore we have incorporated this into our Standard Business Order Form Terms. For more information please refer to Clause 8 in your Standard Business Order Form terms.

8- Service Termination

In case you would like to terminate your service with Rapid, please refer to the particular contract for the service you want to terminate for details. Please note that in most cases, service fees will remain due on terminated services for the term of the contract unless stipulated in the particular agreement or agreed in writing by Rapid.

 9- Service Disconnection

Some violations to the agreement may cause your service to be disconnected by Rapid until those violations are rectified to the satisfaction of Rapid or any/all relevant regulatory authorities. Those include but are not limited to delays in payment for amounts due, improper use of the service or unlawful uses. Please note that in the event of unlawful use when detected by Rapid, it shall be reported to the proper authorities. Kindly refer to clause 8 of the Rapid Telecom Standard Business Form Terms and Conditions.

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